(Mostly) Academics on Memes: A Bibliography

(Mostly) Academics on Memes: A Bibliography

Earlier today, a colleague posed the following question to a Media Studies Facebook Group:

“Hey media folks, does anyone have any suggestions for undergrad-level articles on memes—meme production, meme replication, etc.? Also open to any other recent writing on other aspects of internet culture that might have caught your eye. Thanks!”

In roughly 50 minutes, several academics responded to the question, offering up over a dozen sources. (That’s right: we’re fast.)

But since Facebook statuses are fleeting (i.e., in two years, we’ll never find that post again!), I’ve compiled all the answers/articles/videos into the following bibliography. That way, academics (and anyone else who’s interested in memes) can locate these helpful sources in one place. If you have other sources that aren’t listed, please let me know in the comments section below.

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