Spike Lee / Quentin Tarantino

Topics in Film Studies

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Stand-Up Comedy on TV

Critical Studies: Television

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Style and Storytelling in Cinema

MCS 273

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Kelli Marshall

film. shakespeare. tv. social media.

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Hello, and thanks for stopping by. If you’re interested in the field of Media Studies and/or the ins and outs of higher education (from the perspective of a faculty member), then you’re in the right place. MediAcademia also includes posts on Shakespeare in popular culture and the star image of Gene Kelly, the subjects of my current research. New visitors: start here.

Video montage I created showcasing Gene Kelly’s presence in the twenty-first century. Accompanies this post/presentation.

A satire/sketch/comedy student creates her video essay on Amy Poehler’s feminist character, Leslie Knope, from NBC’s sitcom Parks and Recreation.

This introductory film student considers the mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, and sound in the first minute of The Lion King.